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As August 1st quickly approaches, there is a lot of talk about getting back to work. M3 Creative has taken some time to get settled in our new location and we’ve met some pretty amazing people in July. As the fall season approaches we are super excited about what is to come in 2023. We are very excited to be able to get back to what we love: forging your legacy with light and love through photography.

So, today, I want to chat a little bit about our couture experience for children and tweens. It is by far one of my favorite experiences. Whether you choose a fine art portrait session or one of our storybook sessions, the couture experience is a big winner!

There’s no need to worry about wardrobe. Why? Because we take care of that part for you. Not sure what to do about hair or makeup? Our signature sessions have got you covered there too! With the couture experience, we pamper your child or tween and give them the princess or hollywood treatment they deserve.

All children are unique in their own ways, and one of our top jobs as parents is to nurture those qualities in our children that make them who they are. Now, it may sound like a daunting task with life throwing challenges our way. Yet in so many ways, it’s simpler than we think — and the rewards are beyond measure!

That’s what I LOVE about our child portrait sessions! We embrace that uniqueness and give it a space to let your child SHINE like the star they are! It’s so amazing to watch their self-confidence grow during these sessions!

What is The Love Project

Did you know proceeds from all of our sessions are donated to The Love Project? The Love Project provides photo sessions for pediatric patients, victims of bullying, woman and children facing low self-esteem, female cancer patients, and victims of trauma. Women and children who qualify for The Love Project receive their session and images at no cost to the family.

The vision of The Love Project is that every family touched by childhood disease, and every woman and child who has dealt with low self-esteem or bullying have the opportunity to have professional photos made all while making magical memories.

For some of us, a simple photograph may not seem like much, but for these children, women, and their families, these photos represent hope. Hope for better days ahead. Hope for more time together. Hope for a cure. Hope for new situations. Hope for breakthrough.

What makes us different?

At M3 Creative Portraits, we believe every woman, and child is beautiful, whole, complete, and perfect just as God created them. WHY? Because we ALL DESERVE TO BE CELEBRATED. It doesn’t matter how big or how small we are. It doesn’t matter our age. As an image-bearer of GOD ~ YOU ARE WORTH CELEBRATING! 🎉

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