Fun Ways to Display Your Portraits

All that research and digging led you to the perfect photographer to create your portraits. Now you have these amazing photos that deserve any equally perfect display. The good news is you aren’t stuck with the traditional black frame and mat of old (although it is still a stunning option). You want your portraits on display in a way that show how unique and amazing your portraits and your family are. Ready for some inspiration on how to display those treasured memories? I’ve got a few fun ideas on how to do just that!

Custom framed portraits offer a beautiful option for any home décor.

First, let’s talk home décor! Truth be told this is where any conversation about displaying your portraits needs to start. Your home is soon going to be the home of your new portraits and all the things near that particular wall or tabletop will tell a story. Your portrait display will need to fit into the current décor in the environment it will live in.

It’s important to keep in mind that each décor is going to offer multiple display options. What I’ve listed below for each style are just one option for that particular space. It’s super important to be talking to your photographer from day 1 about your end result. You might say we have an eye for this kind of thing.

The Style and Decor Options

Contemporary Style

If a contemporary vibe is more your style, you might want to consider something in the frameless options. Canvas gallery wraps are always a winner in this style home, but we now have several other amazing options. For example, a beautiful metal portrait works really well in this home décor giving the homeowner that vibrant, sleek and modern feel. Acrylic image blocks are another great option especially for desk sized prints.

Rustic Style

Beautifully crafted wood prints

If your home décor lends itself to more of a rustic feel, then I’ve got a fun idea for you! Let’s take some inspiration from the outdoors and a combination of farmhouse and industrial interior design styles. Rather than a traditional print, you might consider a wood print. There are super rustic options out there that still have the bark on the wood or go with something a little more homey with a clean beveled wood edge. Your portraits will be gorgeous on a wood base!

Shabby Chic

Have that vintage-inspired feel in your home? This style can be really fun as it marries the more traditional farmhouse feel to antique and vintage French design. Ornate frames are perfect in this environment. Leaning more toward the shabby farmhouse side? A beautiful white distressed frame can really call the shots in this space. I’d recommend avoiding the mat and even the glass in this décor option. Whether you choose a more traditional print or traditional canvas, the frame is going to really set the stage for your portrait display.

Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency is one of the most timeless and fun interior design styles out there! It brings in a happy blend of Art-Deco inspired pieces and silhouettes with a high-polished glamor look and feel. It’s modern and up-beat character lends itself to edgy frames with clean lines and bright colors. You might find yourself leaning toward an untraditional shape in this style as well. Try an oval framed canvas with an edgy gold frame.


When it comes to traditional design within the home, you will want to consider something a little more traditional for your portrait display as well. This is where framed and matted portraits will stand out. Canvas is also another great option as we look at a framed traditional canvas. This style canvas keeps the traditional frame while still providing the elegance and long life span of a canvas.

Frame options for every style and character

Creative Ways For Displaying Photos

There are so many fun options out there and one of the favorite options in our area right now is the family portrait wall. This one is perfect for the family that is a fan of frames – matching or not (it’s up to you!). Pick up different sizes, colors and even styles for this project. You’ll create a fun wall of memories that come in a variety of shapes and sizes just as unique as your family.

At M3 Creative Portraits, we work with so many creative vendors who offer a wide variety of display options from metal, wood, or acrylic prints to a more traditional canvas or canvas wrap. We’ve selected traditional and non-traditional framing options and can even help you create something custom like one of our StoryBox displays. Whether it’s a traditional frame with a hand-cut mat, a float frame, a traditional album, or our new StoryBox, we will help you pick the right option for your home.

No matter which method you choose, get creative. Displaying photos and filling your walls with a lifetime of memories is one of the most special ways to tell the story of your family, so let’s start creating!

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