Youth Pageant Headshots | Coco | Peoria

One of the biggest joys I have as your photographer is watching the growth in your family from year to year. For some that means adding new generations. For others, it is the physical height changes and watching those kids grow into their personalities. When it is a friend of one of my own kids in front of my camera, it is that much more of a blessing.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet up with Coco and her momma for an impromptu session. She needed to update some headshots for her upcoming pageant season. It was super exciting to see how much more comfortable she was in front of the camera this time around. I’m sure being named a winner at one of her recent pageants had a lot to do with the update in confidence.

Admittedly, I did bring my own daughter along to the session to help encourage her sweet friend. While they probably would have preferred to be playing dress up rather than actually accomplishing a task, they both enjoyed spending the time together. My daughter even took some behind the scenes video of a fun sessions.

While this session had a specific purpose in mind, these types of kid sessions are AMAZING for ALL kids! They really bring out their little personalities and allow them to shine like the superstar’s they are.

Have you ever considered a personality session for your kids? Let’s sit down and chat! I’ll bring the snacks and drinks!

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