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Well, I took an unexpected week off from the blog and this series. Life happens sometimes. Now that the coughing, sneezing and congestion has been kept to a minimum, let’s talk fashion!

We have been chatting on Tuesdays about how to dress your best for your photography session. In previous weeks, we discussed the Apple Shape and the Pear Shape. This week we are moving on to the Triangle Shape. So, let’s get right to it. Let’s talk Triangle!

The Triangle Shape

So, what characteristics identify the Triangle Body Shaped? Let’s take a quick look.

1. Shoulders measure wider than your hips
2. Small waistline
3. Slim legs

What to Wear for Triangle Shape

Just as we mentioned in the previous post, dressing your body shape is all about finding balance and with the Triangle Body Shape this is no different. In fact, you might find it is even more important.

Because most Triangle Shapes have broad shoulders and skinny waistlines it is easy to feel top heavy. By embracing a wider leg, we can help balance out that bottom half all while looking super chic. Boot cut pants or even palazzo pants are a go to.

Choose tops and blazer with an extra feminine touch. Try tops and jackets with ruffles at the front and hips or even go for a waterfall-style jacket. These styles add curves at your neckline and waist but will have a slimming effect on your shoulders without adding any extra width.

Also, look for way to accentuate your waistline. Opting for peplum tops and dresses helps you to add some curves with the illusion of a cinched waist next to a tiered frill, which adds volume at the hip, helping to create that hourglass shape. A Peplum can often work better than an empire waistline as it helps to really define the waistline rather than skim over it but remember to ensure you team a cinched waist with a little added volume through the skirt.

Avoid exaggerated shoulders. That broad shoulder-line needs no support team. That means no shoulder pads or ruched shoulder detailing.

If you’re a fan of skirts, add volume to the lower half with high waist A-line full skirts. You can further accentuate your waist by adding a cinching belt. Chances are, if you’re a triangle body type, you’re rocking super-slim legs. So, why not show them off! 

Hot Tip!! – Another way to balance your proportions with skirts and tops is to choose a dark color for the top part of the body and color or print for the bottom part, so choosing statement skirts and trousers with a chic fitted top.

V necklines are the ultimate choice for flattering that triangle body shape! They accentuate your long neck and draw attention away from the shoulders, giving you more balance. Wrap dresses and tops are also the perfect options for this type of figure, which are perfect for anything from a casual dress to office wear.

Why Choose M3 Creative?

Gotta Have It All? I’m NOT your average Personal Branding Photographer. In fact, I am FAR from it. I take your personality and your passions and turn them into one-of-a-kind images.

Besides having images that stand out from the crowd, one of my biggest goals for my personal branding clients is for you to feel right at home. You’ll hardly even know your being photographed. So – Bring your laptop, favorite books, favorite coffee mug, or anything that tells YOUR story. Show me your passion – your personality, and I’ll give it right back.

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