Runny Noses, Ear Infections, and Congestion | Our Candid Life | Life with M3

Man has this been a CRAZY past couple of weeks! We had some family drama play out a few weeks ago that while it was unexpected it was also very much needed. One of those things that was a LONG time coming and once it was out in the air… well, let’s just say much like a sunny California earthquake, there were after shocks involved.

Then came the runny noses, coughing, congestion, and (officially confirmed yesterday) one minor ear infection.

All of us. Yes, every single individual in our little family caught a bug. Hubby and I held out til the very end but we did in fact also come down with this miserable cough and sinus infection.

Our oldest child has now been confirmed with a minor ear infection and both children are on 3-4 times a day eye drops for the infection starting there. Ugh! Not how I thought I’d be spending my son’s 6th birthday!

So, what happens when the family gets sick? One of the beauties of being a business-owner is a get to be home with kiddos when they don’t feel well. I get to take them to the doctor’s office with no fear of being away from work.

Certain tasks get pushed to the side and other tasks now become a priority. Messy tasks. Tasks not in the planner. In fact, most of the ones in the planner go to the recycle bin or pushed off until next week.

But, I am grateful for clients who understand the need to push that meeting back. I am grateful for YOU! Next week will be better. Until then, life must go on.

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