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Hey there! I am back this week with part 2 of our series on What to Wear to Your Photo Session. We are walking through the best wardrobe styles to select for your photo session based on each of the 5 primary body shapes. Last week we walked through the ideal wardrobe for the Apple Shape. If you missed it, be sure to trek on back to take a look at “Part 1: Apple Shape” in previous post.

This week we dive into the wardrobe pieces of the Pear Shape.

The Pear Shape

Let’s look at the Pear Shape’s identifiable characteristics:
1. The lower portion of the body is wider than the upper body
2. A well defined waist line and your shoulders are your best features

Pear shapes have hips and thighs that are larger than their shoulders and busts.  Pears usually have trouble finding clothes that are large enough in the hip, rear, and thighs but small enough in the waist. 

No matter your shape, typically the fashion “goal” is to create the illusion of an hourglass shape: bust and hips the same size with a smaller defined waist.  As a Pear Shape, this means finding ways to balance the upper body with the lower body and minimizing the hips (which in turn gives that waistline we all dream of).

What to Wear for Pear Shape

Because the Pear Shape’s hips are a lot wider than the shoulders, I find it best to emphasize the shoulders. Try a top with a ruffle or puffy sleeves. Both will offer you some balance. Cowl-neck tops or a statement necklace are other great options to bring attention up toward the shoulders.

A-line skirts, dresses, coats and tunics help to camouflage the hips. When choosing color combinations, select a lighter color for the upper body and a darker hue for the bottom. This will brighten up the upper body and hold the eyes attention. Choose cropped cardigans and jackets over longer tunics and emphasize your natural waistline with belts.

Wear pants that are boot-cut, kick flare, or have flared legs. If you are going to wear skinny jeans, pair them with a longer a-line tunic. Top with a cropped cardigan or jacket to elongate those legs. Skirts should also be a-line. Avoid pencil, straight, and mini skirts.

Hot Tip Alert! – Fit is super important for the Pear Shape. Get yourself a good tailor.  You will probably have to buy pieces large enough to fit your hips and thighs and have them taken in by a professional in the waist, bust, and shoulders.

Be sure to check the blog again on Tuesday next week for our next post in this series. We will be discussing the Triangle Shape with tips and tricks on how to best dress for your session.

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