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One of the first questions a client asks me before their photography session isn’t related to the photos at all. Their biggest concern before a branding photo session is what to wear for the session itself. In fact, many of my clients have confessed that this fear of what to wear is one of the big reasons it has taken so long to schedule the session itself.

Well, today we put an end to that worry! Today is the first in a series of blog posts dedicated strictly to how to choose the best possible wardrobe for you photo session. We will talk about the main 5 body shapes (Apple, Pear, Inverse Triangle, Ruler and Hourglass Shape) and dive into what type of clothing works best with each.

In my experience, most of my high school seniors and personal branding clients (well, actually, all women in general) typically fall into one of these main 5 body shapes (or a combination of 2). Regardless of which shape you most closely relate to, each shape possesses a signature beauty. We will take a look at how to bring out that beauty with the latest fashion trends and designs.

So, let’s get right to it and talk about that first body shape: Apple.

The Apple Shape

The Apple Shape has 3 identifiable characteristics:
1. Most of the body weight is above the hips
2. Broad shoulders
3. Legs! (Legs for days!)

If you find yourself identifying as an Apple Shape, keep this Fashion Goal in mind. Our Fashion Goal with the Apple Shape is to elongate the torso, minimize the tummy, and create the illusion of a smaller waist all while showing off the legs.

What To Wear for Apple Shape

V-Necks create the illusion of a longer neck. The V-Neck shape is going to visually draw the eye up and divide the width of your shoulders and chest.  And since we are bringing the eyes up, be sure to invest in a good bra.  Keep those girls up!  A scoop neck, especially a lower scoop works well also.

When it comes to dresses, tunics, or tops, look for:

  • empire waists
  • wrap styles
  • swing style
  • trapeze style
  • babydoll
  • skater
  • a-line
  • peplum (only peplum styles with a high/empire waist)

Here’s a hot tip – Create a new silhouette! You can create a new waistline by choosing clothing with a waistband, elastic, belt, tie, etc., at the smallest part of your torso, just under the bust (classically referred to as the empire waist).  This includes adding your own belt to swing and trapeze styles.  One of my favorite work tops looks like a shapeless muumuu that’s been cut at the hip.  It looks ridiculous until I add a belt.  Then it is fabulous!

Ok, now let’s have some fun with layers! Add a single-breasted v-shaped blazer to add some personality to your look. Go for the blazer that has a V shape with the point of the V (or the button) just below the waist. Be sure to get a great fit in the shoulders too! You can wear it open with a flowy fabric underneath or even try layering it with a scarf. The blazer will become your new silhouette so be sure to find something structured for a feminine shape.

Be sure to check the blog again on Tuesday next week for our next post in this series. We will be discussing another body shape and how to best dress that shape for a photo session.

Why Choose M3 Creative?

Gotta Have It All? I’m NOT your average Personal Branding Photographer. In fact, I am FAR from it. I take your personality and your passions and turn them into one-of-a-kind images.

Besides having images that stand out from the crowd, one of my biggest goals for my personal branding clients is for you to feel right at home. You’ll hardly even know your being photographed. So – Bring your laptop, favorite books, favorite coffee mug, or anything that tells YOUR story. Show me your passion – your personality, and I’ll give it right back.

Want to get start right away? Let’s schedule a phone call and chat about the details of your brand vision.

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