On the Move… Again.

Well, life is never what we expect it to be. It throws us all kinds of adventures we never expected or made plans for. I guess that is what makes this life so exciting. You never really know what is behind the next door or around the corner.

So… here we move… again.

While the move itself was not something we anticipated, I believe it is a huge blessing. Moving to Illinois, we are now much closer to family. It is one of the things I missed about living in Texas. We had no family there. No close friends. If I needed help with the kids, there was no one close by to help or watch them for a few hours. Now that all changes. The kids are surrounded by family including cousins.

Our oldest is now attending kindergarten at one of the best schools in the state. We are SO excited. We could not have asked for a better school. To be completely honest, the school district where we lived in Texas didn’t have the best reviews. It had us worried. Now, he is thriving and so excited to be in school.

When ever there are big moves like this, we have to make adjustments. Some of those adjustments are easy. Some are hard. Some feel next to impossible. Others feel like they were meant to be.

Of a whole, the experience over the last month has been INCREDIBLE! Our new community is amazing. We absolutely love our neighborhood and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Both of our kids are flourishing. We could not be happier with the direction life is headed in right now. Sometimes we all need to hit the refresh button. It seems this move is going to be exactly that. A refresh. A restart. A chance to start all over with new dream. Bigger dreams. And… a bigger cheering section in the grand stands.

Have you gone through a major life transition like moving recently?

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