The Beauty of Small Town Photography

There is a unique beauty in being a small town photographer. It is by far one of the best jobs I have ever held, second to being a mom of course!

As a small town photographer, you photograph precious memories at all walks of life. Engagement sessions and weddings soon turn into maternity photos and newborn sessions. Those babies grow and you become the go-to person for capturing those little moments in print from that 1st birthday party to the high school graduation.

As a small town photographer, you also become the sports team photographer, the school photographer, the just about everything photographer! Oh, what a blessing to experience all of these wonderful events.

The absolute best part of being a small town photographer? Being a part of the lives of your clients. I get to see my clients at the neighborhood barbeque, sit next to them at a school parent meeting, and just do life with them. What an honor! Small town photography is truly a gift!

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