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Well, I took an unexpected week off from the blog and this series. Life happens sometimes. Now that the coughing, sneezing and congestion has been kept to a minimum, let’s talk fashion! We have been chatting on Tuesdays about how to dress your best for your photography session. In previous weeks, we discussed the Apple […]

Hey there! I am back this week with part 2 of our series on What to Wear to Your Photo Session. We are walking through the best wardrobe styles to select for your photo session based on each of the 5 primary body shapes. Last week we walked through the ideal wardrobe for the Apple […]

Not too long ago I posted my opinion on how to decide what to wear for your photo session. Maternity photos are such a special and unique experience that I thought I would break down those original 7 steps a bit specifically for your Maternity Session. (You can find the original post here: How to […]

One of the first questions a client asks me before their photography session isn’t related to the photos at all. Their biggest concern before a branding photo session is what to wear for the session itself. In fact, many of my clients have confessed that this fear of what to wear is one of the […]

Whether this is your first professional photo session ever or the first in a long time, you probably have a couple questions about what to expect. A common concern I hear from people having their photos taken for the first time is what to wear. Planning outfits for everyday can be stressful enough and planning […]

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