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The journey to motherhood is not an easy one for all mommas. For some, it’s a long battle. One that includes sleepless nights filled with tears. Questions that seem to go unanswered. It can often be filled with hurtful comments. Painful unexplained losses.

Not too long ago I posted my opinion on how to decide what to wear for your photo session. Maternity photos are such a special and unique experience that I thought I would break down those original 7 steps a bit specifically for your Maternity Session. (You can find the original post here: How to […]

Babies are by far the biggest blessing we are given from Father God in heaven. Every time I have the privilege of photographing maternity memories or newborn babies, I often reflect on the pregnancies and births of my two babies. Well, if you talked to my babies, they would tell you they are not babies […]

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