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Answering the Question – How Much Do you Charge?

I wanted to jump on for a few minutes and strike up a conversation about the 1st question I usually get when people first reach out to me about what I do. The question…

How much do you charge?

The truth is… that’s a great question! In fact, it’s the first question I would ask when reaching out to a photographer as well. The hard truth, however, is that I can’t fully or accurately answer this question without first talking to you about your vision and your specific need.

Let’s do a little role play…

I pull into a Starbucks drive thru and when asked how they could help me, I replied with, “How much do you charge for coffee?” The barista would soon be filled with a ton of questions!

What size do you want? Hot or cold? What kind of milk? How many pumps of syrup? (and, my personal favorite…) Would you like whipped cream?

You get the point, right?!

The barista can’t just quote of a number for the price of my coffee because he doesn’t even know what I want or need.

Ok, now let’s talk a little bit about what I do.

You’ve looked around at the walls at home and flipped through that photo album on the coffee table about a million times. Now you’ve come to the realization that you need updated family photos.

The thing is, great portrait sessions don’t happen by accident. They need to be thought out and well planned. How do we do that? By starting at the finish line.

Before I even discuss wardrobe selections or locations, I want to know what your end result looks like. (i.e. What’s your Starbucks order?)

That is the key to our Signature Experience. It’s a custom, personalized process from beginning to end. It’s the perfect choice for those who want and demand luxury service and quality.

So… you asked how much I charge. The truth is your total investment will be just as unique as you are (and your coffee order). The best way to get a really good idea of what that investment looks like is to set up a complimentary consultation where we can walk through the details together.

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