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Welcome to the New Year 2020 | Life Update | Life with M3

Well, the new year is officially here. I couldn’t be happier about that. So much change going on in our little household from 2019 to now. Many changes were unexpected. Others were planned and well thought out. No matter the cause of the change, I know God has had a plan from day one.

Another move…

So what is the newest bit of news from the M3 forefront? We’ve moved again! (I know, I know… right!) This time it wasn’t a huge move really. More or less it was just up the street and basically around the corner. That being said it was a much needed move.

Many of you recall when we moved from Texas here to Illinois. Well, when we did that it was off to my parents’ home for a short term. That move was needed to get us out of Texas but it was a very rough time to say the least.

It really amazed me how many memories from childhood I had somehow pushed back so far that I had never remembered them (until now that is). We suddenly found ourselves thrust into a situation that no one should ever have to go through. I think God had sent us there to help free my sister from the same horrific household.

When we left, my sister and her daughter left with us. It was like an exodus from a land of verbal and mental abuse. After decades of suffering, we are now officially ALL free from that life. Now we are happily in a home in downtown Dunlap and we love it!

Update on the Kids

The kids could not be happier. The best part?! The both go back to school on Monday which means this momma is going to have a few hours each morning to get some things done. Whew! (Although, I’m not sure I’ll remember what to do with free time for myself…. haha!)

I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to let the youngest one head off to preschool but deep down I know she’s ready. Heck! She’s been begging to go to school with her brother since he started in the fall.

What’s New with M3 Creative

Classes and workshops are scheduled to get started very soon as well. I’m very excited about a new workshop we are introducing for small business owners who are struggling with their social media. It’s going to be a great class that leaves students with a process to create an online marketing plan and even some ideas on how to take better photos to go with that plan.

We also have slowing been announcing a few projects that will be coming up in February so be sure to check the blog for more details as those start to come out. Especially if you know someone with tween (age 10-13) or a mother expecting a new little one.

Annnnnndd – of course, we are doing some behind the scenes prep work to get ready for a new class of high school senior ambassadors to join our team. The class of 2020 is thinking about graduation and I’m already thinking about all the fun we are going to have with the class of 2021!

What are up to during these first couple days of 2020?

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